Quadrants | Professional Women of Color/Diverse Women
Career development resources for professional women of color / diverse women.
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Why Quadrants?

Demographic shifts in the United States are changing the racial and ethnic landscapes of professional environments. But despite diversity and inclusion efforts, the professional needs of women of color remain largely overlooked.

Partly as a result, women of color generally continue to lag behind their ethnic male and white female counterparts in terms of career advancement.

Quadrants provides career development resources specifically to help women of color advance their careers.

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By the Numbers


Women of color as a percentage of all U.S. women


Women of color CEOs in S&P 500


Women of color in 114th U.S. Congress


Percentage of women of color partners at 247 top law fiirms

Our courses are specifically designed to address professional development challenges faced by diverse women/women of color.
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